Meet Ned Bliss

This month for our meet our staff, we are featuring Ned is a Licensed Independent Social Worker and the New Patient Specialist for the Boston Hallowell Center.As an adolescent and adult therapist at the Hallowell Center since 2012, he excels at connecting with his patients on a personal level and helping them to face their challenges with confidence and determination. He utilizes a cognitive behavioral approach to therapy.

Ned started his professional career in special education, working primarily with intellectually curious students who benefited from a holistic and varied approach in the classroom to meet their exceptional potential. While doing this work he developed a passion for supporting people with various learning differences. Ned has an intuitive understanding of the challenges people with ADHD face in both the academic and professional realm, having ADHD himself. Ned is a graduate of Tulane University, and he received his Masters in Clinical Social Work at Simmons College in Boston in 2009.

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