Dr. Hallowell hosts Distraction Podcast

Distraction is a podcast on coping in our crazy-busy, ever-connected modern world. At best, modern life dazzles us, giving us a chance to get more done in a minute than we used to do in a month. The entire world is available to us 24/7 at the touch of finger, but at what cost? Plain and simple, we are bombarded with distractions every way we turn, threatening the quality of our lives and our ability to properly focus on the tasks that matter.

Dr. Hallowell hosts this twice-weekly podcast with episodes released on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He interviews a wide array of guests who bring their different experiences and perspectives to the discussion.

Distraction tackles life’s everyday but difficult subjects like raising children, forgiveness, stress and anxiety, the workplace, teachers and students, difficult people, health, peak performance, and more. Come hear the warmth, enthusiasm, wisdom and trust of Dr. Hallowell as he taps into everyone’s desire to cope, reconnect and get the most out of life.