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What is ADHD CollegeCORE Coaching and how can CollegeCORE Coaching help you?

CollegeCORE Coaching with Rebecca Shafir M.A.CCC – Speech/Language Pathologist and Executive Function coach is available by phone, Skype, or in person.  CollegeCore Coaching helps high school upperclassmen and college students conquer the most common problems associated with ADHD or Executive Dysfunction. Rebecca provides effective, practical and non-medication solutions for getting things done well and on time. She has worked with ADHD students and entrepreneurs for over 20 years.  

Read more at  Rebecca’s coaching and training approach builds the core skills and routines that enable success in school and greater marketability for the workplace.

CollegeCORE students will learn:

  • core skills and routines for managing anxiety and improving focus, follow through and communication;
  • to become more independent, and how to be the CEO of YOU, even if you don’t plan to be an entrepreneur;
  • basic organizational skills;
  • problem-solving skills;
  • note-taking skills;
  • more efficient study and test-taking skills;
  • why good sleep is a major ally for the ADHD student, sleep’s powerful role in learning and ways to improve sleep quality.
  • how exercise regimen best promotes clearer thinking and improved productivity;
  • learn how to apply Rebecca’s 80/20 approach for managing procrastination; and
  • finally, how to self-advocate – a competitive life skill.

How CollegeCore Coaching works:

The process begins with a complimentary 15-20 minute inquiry call with Rebecca. Call to set up that inquiry session (978) 287-0810 or (978) 255-1817. This is a brief discussion to answer questions about the program. This will help Rebecca to determine whether the CollegeCore coaching approach is appropriate for the student.

Following this discussion, a 90 minute meeting is scheduled to:

  • get background information,
  • identify personal strengths,
  • establish personal objectives, deadlines (if imposed) for improvement, and
  • to determine best approaches.  Cost: $325.00

An action plan and frequency of coaching sessions is determined based on that meeting. The goal is to:

  • identify the best starting point(s),
  • select a couple small steps easy to implement consistently to
  • yield some early and notable results; and
  • have these new routines become habits.

Minor adjustments are made along the way. For some, the compound effect will work best. While for others a multi-target approach is better. The process is customized to the student and his/her needs.

Coaching sessions are $150/hour, $75/30 minutes. First of all, Rebecca will determine with the student the duration and frequency of sessions (1-3x a week.)  If desired, a spouse, partner or co-founder may also be involved. Progress is addressed at each session. As the gains become more consistent and the student more independent, the coaching sessions wind down. Check-in sessions are monthly or bi-monthly, then every six months or as needed.

To set up a CollegeCORE inquiry session or to make an appointment with Rebecca Shafir, contact the:

  • Hallowell Center BostonMetroWest in Sudbury MA at (978) 287-0810


  • her West Newbury office (978) 255-1817 to schedule sessions in person or by phone or Skype.

Sessions are $150/hr and may be reimbursable through your insurance.

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