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Dr. Hallowell’s ADHD Keynotes and Workshops are specially designed to give leaders in the workplace, educators, health care professionals, and parents the tools they need to understand what it’s like to have ADHD, how to change their perspective and how to create environments where those with different ways of thinking can thrive. Dr. Hallowell is internationally recognized for his expertise, humor, passion and unique ability to touch the hearts of many. His speaking engagements always generate hugely positive feedback. Topics can include Reaching Your Potential, How to Stop Ruminating and Promote Positive Potential, Managing Stress and Toxic Worry, Connecting in a Disconnected World and can also be tailored to meet your meeting objectives and the specific needs of your audience.

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ADHD Coaching gets you on track and keeps you on track. It is different from therapy. Coaching helps people improve their performance and focus in the here and now. Coaches actively help you build scaffolding and develop strategies to better perform at work. They help you develop a plan and then hold you accountable for following through with that plan. ADHD coaching provides the external structure and support to change behavior, monitor progress and create a sense of accountability. Coaching helps you achieve your goals by breaking down and simplifying all the specific tasks you need to complete first in order to reach those goals. Hallowell Center certified professional coaches work with you in a non-judgmental partnership that emphasizes practical tools for time management, planning, organizing, prioritizing, and decision-making systems for effective daily living.

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If you think you have ADHD get a diagnosis at a Hallowell Center to find out. We call this the “good news diagnosis” since life can only get better once you know. Following a diagnosis we can provide you with a treatment plan, or a referral for ADHD centers in your area.

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