Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis

A clinical evaluation is the place to start for most children and adults. We offer a full testing and diagnosis cycle to understand all of the issues a patient may face. Our goal is to provide the fullest and most inclusive evaluation we can because not only is the right diagnosis but also the complete diagnosis are critical to receiving the best treatment. The evaluation might be done by a psychiatrist, a psychologist, or social worker. The clinician  will ask you questions about your personal history and symptoms, or the history of your child in the case of a parent/caregiver.

Our evaluations typically integrate information from numerous sources including clinical interviews, school and medical records, behavioral observations, family history and cognitive test results. Evaluations are tailored to meet the needs of the client.

We may ask you to fill out a number of rating scales that helps determine what is going on with you. For children we generally ask parents and teachers, in addition to the child, to fill out the rating scales. You will then meet with your assigned clinician. After listening to and evaluating all of this background information, the clinician may, in some instances, be able to provide a preliminary assessment right away and recommend a customized treatment plan. In other instances the clinician may determine that additional testing is required in order to complete the evaluation process.

If you have ADHD, we will discuss with you a comprehensive approach to treatment and suppor for ADHD, as well as for any accompanying conditions. One or more accompanying conditions, such as anxiety, depression, or dyslexia are common.  You can read more about these here. If you do not have ADHD, but rather another condition, we will discuss treatment options as appropriate. More than half of patients  with ADHD have coexisting conditions that require treatment to get optimal results.

You can request a Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis from us wherever you live – if you are outside of one the states where we practice, we will help refer you to an appropriate doctor for treatment and support after your diagnosis if needed. If you are looking for a second opinion following a diagnosis elsewhere, we can also assist you with this.

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