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Parent Coaching

Parenting children with attentional, emotional, learning, or behavioral difficulties can be very challenging, requiring new ways of thinking and responding. Children with ADHD need structure and support, not punishment. Parents often struggle with understanding what is going on with their child. Many parents and caregivers are looking for advice on managing their kids behavior, solving conflicts / problems, and better understanding what will help their children succeed while effectively keeping the relationship intact. At the Hallowell Centers our goal is to help children and parents recognize the gifts that each person has.

Parent coaching at the Hallowell Centers can help parents understand behavior through an ADHD lens in order to respond constructively to behavior in ways that teaches the child skills and strengthens connections in the family.

Support for Overwhelmed Parents

Many of us already felt overwhelmed before we even heard of Covid-19. Many parents are still playing the multiple roles of parent, teacher, employee, zoom play-date scheduler and more. You are also trying to manage your own emotional rollercoaster of fear, loss, hope, and frustration while responding to all of your child’s emotions, too. If you are finding your own cup empty from filling up everyone else’s, you need support.

Our coaches offer support sessions for parents where they’ll help you identify:

  • What kind of schedule you can set up that blends having your child work independently and having time to work with you.
  • If your child’s teacher is sending work that is a good fit for your child.
  • What your child’s needs are.
  • What services your child needs to complete school assignments from home.

Our coaches will help you make a plan for your child that actually meets their needs and their skills during the next few months. They’ll also provide tips to help your child work independently, set up a reward system and what to do when the homework isn’t right for your child.

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