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Dr. Hallowell’s ADHD Keynotes and Workshops are specially designed to give  leaders in the workplace, educators, health care professionals, and parents the tools they need to understand what it’s like to have ADHD, how to change their perspective of ADHD and how to create environments where those with ADHD can thrive.

Note that all of keynotes and workshops can be tailored to meet your meeting objectives and the specific needs of your audience.

Dr. Ned Hallowell is internationally recognized for his expertise, humor, passion and unique ability to touch the hearts of many. His speaking engagements always generate hugely positive feedback.

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Making your life VAST and full of potential
What if instead of thinking of ADHD as a deficit and a disorder, we saw it for what it really is, a way of being in the world which with the right support can be a wonderful way of being? Drs Hallowell and Ratey introduced a new term for ADHD in their latest book ADHD 2.0. It’s VAST, or Variable Attention Stimulus Trait. The old term with its emphasis on pathology, on a “deficit disorder” is inaccurate and stigmatizing. The new term is far more accurate, allowing for positive attributes, not just negative ones. Dr Hallowell explains the rich and complex world of VAST and how a simple change in framing can set off an entire shift in thinking and treatment.

How to Stop Ruminating and Promote Positive Thinking
Ever found yourself thinking about something that happened, or something someone said so much that you feel you cannot do anything else? You are not alone. Excessively worrying and ruminating over a perceived or actual problem is debilitating and often leads to a person feeling powerless. Now through great discoveries in neuroscience we know that there are specific parts of the brain that can be activated to help override this tendency.

Dr Hallowell talks through a specific technique based on brain science that anyone can learn to free themselves from the habit of persistent and debilitating negative thinking. Learn about the Default Mode Network, and why it can take over in your brain. Then once you’ve understood that, and its partner, the Task Positive Network, you’re on your way to mastering the skill of positive thinking.

The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness
All parents want dearly to raise their children in such a way that they will achieve lifetime happiness. Not superficial happiness, but joy, satisfaction, fulfilment, and longevity. Now there is an evidence-based reliable method to do just that. The old advice of work hard, get high grades, win trophies and go to a top university is unreliable and not possible for everyone. It is also not supported by the latest and most robust research.

Dr Hallowell outlines a 5-step method that really works and that every parent can master. If you take the brief time it takes to learn this method, you will free yourself from old and destructive myths and give yourself and your children the everlasting benefits of the best possible childhood.

Managing Stress and Toxic Worry
We live in a time of immense stress and worry, and the current pandemic has only heightened this. What if we could find a way to reduce stress and worry and live a calmer life?

Dr Hallowell talks through a program that is practical, evidence-based and effective in bringing levels of stress and worry from the toxic zone down into normalcy. Learn the simple steps any individual can take, from a child to an adult, in order to regain a confident and upbeat feeling about everyday life.

Connecting in a Disconnected World
We all want to feel connected to others, and the rapid developments in technology have made us far more connected electronically than ever before. But we are often missing the human moment, the depth of human connection that takes us beyond superficial “likes” and “shares” to real moments of emotional richness. And the scourge of loneliness contributes depression and anxiety and make it much harder to deal with life’s challenges.

Connection brings us close to one another, and is also proven to help patients with diverse problems to heal more quickly. Dr Hallowell gives a detailed prescription for a richly connected life that anyone can follow.


I will use the strategies that he discussed right away!  He was an audience-friendly speaker, and really made a connection.”

He was outstanding!  His information and delivery motivated me as a professional and as a parent. I have never heard anyone speak in such a ‘hopeful for the future’ way about this topic, and this is so important to helping children and families!”

“So engaging- wish he spoke longer. 2 hrs at minimum!”

“Dr. Ned Hallowell was a highlight of the 2019 IBSC Annual Conference in Montreal… Ned had the audience of 650+ educators of boys spellbound. Hard-hitting but filled with love and compassion for our students, faculty and communities, Ned reminded us to bring love, connection, and the opportunity to do something great to everyone we teach, guide and nurture.”

“Amazing dynamic energizing and hope giving speaker!  I had fun, I learned a lot and felt motivated to get to work and make a difference in ways the speaker described-heartfelt, informed and influential-because it was clear he did his homework…”