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Dr. Hallowell’s ADHD Keynotes and Workshops are specially designed to give  leaders in the workplace, educators, health care professionals, and parents the tools they need to understand what it’s like to have ADHD, how to change their perspective of ADHD and how to create environments where those with ADHD can thrive.

Note that all of keynotes and workshops can be tailored to meet your meeting objectives and the specific needs of your audience.

Dr. Ned Hallowell is internationally recognized for his expertise, humor, passion and unique ability to touch the hearts of many. His speaking engagements always generate hugely positive feedback.

You can book Ned to speak at your business, conference, school or organization.

Fill in the form below to let us know more about your event, and what topics you are looking to cover. Some of Ned’s previous keynotes include:

Find the buried treasures in ADHD
How to approach ADHD as a gift that is often difficult to unwrap rather than a disorder by promoting strengths: a systematic approach and avoiding the traps of SPIN and SLIDE.

Mining Magnificent Minds: How to Unwrap the Gifts Embedded in ADHD
How ADHD affects academic achievement and offer scientific underpinnings of positive psychology for educators to use to unwrap the gifts embedded in ADHD, while also dealing with the problems this trait creates.

Superparenting for ADHD An Innovative Approach to Raising Your Distracted Child
Dr. Hallowell understands the real and everyday challenges facing parents of an ADHD child both at home and at school. In his presentation, he will offer a specific game plan that includes Unconditional Love, Viewing the Mirror Traits and The Cycle of Excellence.

Strategies for ADHD in the Workplace
An introduction to the world of ADHD to help employers and managers understand how to support and help their employees succeed.

SHINE: Using Brain Science to Get the Best from Your People
A 5-step plan for bringing out the best in people in any organization or other work setting. Rooted in his 30 years of experience in promoting peak performance, this simple, but highly researched and evidence-based plan can lead a person from mediocrity to achievement at the highest level.

Managing Stress and Toxic Worry
We live in a time of immense stress and worry. Dr. Hallowell offers a program that is practical, evidence-based and effective in bringing levels of stress and worry from the toxic zone down into normalcy. His methods rely on simple steps any individual can take, including a child, in order to regain a confident and upbeat feeling about everyday life.

Connecting in a Disconnected World
While we are far more connected electronically than ever before, we are often missing the human moment. A detailed prescription for a richly connected life that anyone can follow. This Vitamin C is free, infinite in supply, and feels good to take.

The Childhood Root of Adult Happiness: Five Steps to Help Create and Sustain Lifelong Joy.
What do kids need to grow up to be happy, fulfilled, responsible adults?  How can parents and teachers make sure children get what they need?

The Classroom Management of ADHD
How ADHD affects academic achievement and suggestions on the best practices and strategies for schools to use to promote creativity and achievement in one-on-one educational therapy settings.

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I will use the strategies that he discussed right away!  He was an audience-friendly speaker, and really made a connection.”

He was outstanding!  His information and delivery motivated me as a professional and as a parent. I have never heard anyone speak in such a ‘hopeful for the future’ way about this topic, and this is so important to helping children and families!”

“So engaging- wish he spoke longer. 2 hrs at minimum!”

“Dr. Ned Hallowell was a highlight of the 2019 IBSC Annual Conference in Montreal… Ned had the audience of 650+ educators of boys spellbound. Hard-hitting but filled with love and compassion for our students, faculty and communities, Ned reminded us to bring love, connection, and the opportunity to do something great to everyone we teach, guide and nurture.”

“Amazing dynamic energizing and hope giving speaker!  I had fun, I learned a lot and felt motivated to get to work and make a difference in ways the speaker described-heartfelt, informed and influential-because it was clear he did his homework…”