Stigma Takes Lives!

Why Stigma Takes Lives – Often the worst part of a mental illness is not the illness itself but the societal shunning that results from it. Mental illness hits 20% of Americans every year, but because of shame and stigma, many never seek the help they need.
It’s important to not that there’s no shame in mental illness. Most highly intelligent, creative people have one or another form of it. The damage is done by keeping it hidden, where it festers, warps, grows, and takes over the soul. When you don’t seek treatment for depression, anxiety or whatever it is that you’re dealing with, you run the risk of  sinking deeper into your condition. So it’s important to seek treatment or talk to a family member or friend. Remember my #1 rule – “Never worry alone.”

Stigma and the recent suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain are some of the topics Dr. Hallowell discusses in his YouTube video on Stigma Takes Lives. Watch here.

If you’ve had a family member or know someone who has attempted suicide, you know that with hope comes the very real dread that he or she may try it again. Learn more about the risk in this article on “When A Family Member Survives a Suicide Attempt.

Let’s start a grassroots movement to eliminate the shame associated with mental illness to stamp out “stigma takes lives.”
Learn more in my podcast on “End the Stigma of Mental Health.


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