Crazy Busy? 3 Steps To Take Back Control

Crazy Busy? 3 Steps to Take Back Control

Technological innovation has changed our world more profoundly than anything since Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press.  This change has brought both spectacular progress and devilishly complex problems.  New patterns of behavior are now epidemic a person checks their iPhone, email and texts at least once every 90 seconds. Then they wonder why people complain they can never get your full attention. As a result, we are:

  • increasingly wrestling with the issue of what to do about what’s happening and
  • how to cope in a distracted, disconnected world.

Is your life is feeling a little too hectic these days? Then it’s time to un-busy yourself. In Distraction S3 Mini 12, I share 3 easy ways to feel less busy and regain control of your day.

LISTEN NOW and learn how to combat the feeling of busyness and get in a state of flow.

If you need more tips on taking control of your time, try my CrazyBusy iPhone App for FREE. It will give you a high “worth-it” factor by providing you with possibly life-changing data that you have never looked at before.

Learn more tips in: CrazyBusy: overstretched, overbooked, and about to snap! : strategies for handling your fast-paced life.

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