Try Judging Less, Understanding More

Dr. Hallowell shares some thoughts on why we should try judging less, understanding more in our “Gotcha!” world in this week’s Distraction mini episode. He says, “It’s time to cut each other some slack,” as he likens our current social climate to a meat tenderizer. We are all flawed and we need each other’s understanding, not judgment!

There’s an old French proverb he loves that goes, “Tout comprendre c’est tout pardonner,” which Evelyn Waugh translated and quoted in Brideshead Revisited, “To understand all is to forgive all.”

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Finally, there are times when the world judges the actions of others. Such was the case in the college admissions cheating scandal. Even Dr. Hallowell sat in judgement of them when he first heard of the scandal. He thought it represented everything venal and detestable about wealth and privilege and underscored the hypocrisy of so many people who pretend to be one person but are in reality another. However, when he thought of his own little hypocrisies, he decided to look at the humanity of the Varsity Blue scandal and learn from it, rather than heap more scorn and contempt upon people he didn’t even know.  

Read Dr. Hallowell’s blog post, “Varsity Blues – What Do You Really Want For Your Children?” and learn why he had a change of heart.

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