Thanksgiving 2020 Note from Ned

It’s Thanksgiving once again. Before you say 2020 has been the pits, that there’s coal in all our stockings, and that the idea of giving thanks makes no more sense than going swimming in the Arctic, let me say hold on, think twice, and relax just a moment. Before you add, “And since I have ADHD, there’s even less reason to be thankful, like below zero reason,” let me add this.
Since I have ADHD myself, I’m at least that much qualified to comment. Yes, ADHD can be a colossal pain in the butt. But, speaking of butt, but. . .
But we have each other. And that’s a big deal. And for all the hassles ADHD gives you day in and day out, let me propose some advantages that might, in your case, come with it, as well as mine.
How about if I name a dozen? Make that a baker’s dozen.
  1. You make people laugh. Ok, sometimes at you, but more often with you. Own it, you’ve got a wicked good sense of humor.
  2. You never bore people.
  3. You’re rarely if ever bored yourself.
  4. Trouble may follow you, but you specialize in solutions.
  5. Let’s face it: you are one creative human.
  6. You’ve got a heart as big as the Grand Canyon.
  7. You’re generous to a fault.
  8. You never give up.
  9. You embrace change.
  10. New ideas come to you all the time.
  11. You’re quirky, but wonderfully so.
  12. You can put a smile on the sourest face.
  13. It’s people like you who change the world.
So there’s a gratitude list for you. I hope you agree with at least some of them?
But what I do not need your agreement upon is my heartfelt warm wishes toward all of you. How can I say all of you, when I don’t know all of you? Because in my mind you’re a group I treasure, the all-of-you group, a group I can honestly say I feel very grateful to have in my life, and a group I love being connected with.
So let me repeat: I send all of you my warmest wishes for a well-fed, happy, and most of all healthy Thanksgiving.
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